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Stamp Mounts Information, Help and Tips

Davo Easy Stamp Mounts - STANDARD Style

picture of self adhesive stamp mount

Davo Easy stamp mounts developed by Davo in The Netherlands is the first self adhesive stamp mount range.

A mount that is easy to use and that does not require water, a sponge or a shammy. And as a result, the problems of the past have disappeared - no buckling paper, no mounts falling off.

One other important advantage is that the Davo Easy sticks on any kind of paper. Whether your book is laminated, coated or on high gloss paper, it is very simple; once affixed, it sticks.

Video demo explaining all about the unique Davo easy self adhesive stamp mounts.
- mouseover to show controls -

Hawid Stamp Mounts - STANDARD Style

picture of standard style stamp mount

Hawid stamp mounts developed by Hans Widmaier nearly 70 years ago are the original and still the most widely used by stamp collectors.

Manufactured to their own detailed specifications at every stage ensuring the guaranteed quality expected and appreciated by philatelists for the protection and preservation of their collections.

Hawid stamp mounts are produced from acid-free and plasticiser-free polystyrene consisting of a rubberised based film and clear reflex-free covering film. Hawid, or Standard, style mounts are open on three sides and have a single seal at the bottom which holds the stamp in place.

Hawid (Standard Style) mounts are the most adaptive mounts as you can cut, or trim, them both horizontally and vertically to achieve the correct size for your needs. They can also be sealed with the Hawid Glue Pen to give a Gard style finish.

Hawid Stamp Mount Information

picture of hawid stamp mount specifications

Showgard Stamp Mounts - GARD Style

picture of gard style stamp mount

Showgard stamp mounts were thought of by Dr Robert Weisberg and made by Hans Widmaier (Hawid) have been on the market for almost 55 years and are most popular amongst collectors who exhibit their collections.

Manufactured from oriented polystyrene film free of plasticisers and acid offering a more secure mount which is ideal if you regularly transport your collection. As these mounts have two parallel seams and a split back, items are held as safe and securely as possible.

The Showgard range of mounts also exist branded Hawid Schaufix and Pochette id in non-English speaking countries.

Showgard (Gard style) mounts are less adaptive as you can only cut, or trim, them by width due to the split back.

How To Use Stamp Mounts

With Davo Easy - Standard Style Self Adhesive simply peel off the protective backing paper and affix to the album leaf. Insertion of the stamp is the same as for the Hawid, see below.

With Hawid - Standard Style you lightly moisten the central area on the back, as this is ready gummed, and affix to the album leaf. To insert the stamp you lift the clear film front slightly and slip the stamp in using tweezers until it mets the seam at the bottom which secures the stamp, then release the clear film.

With Showgard - Gard Style you lighthly moisten the top, or upper, half of the back which is pre-gummed and apply to the album page. You insert the stamp by lifting up the complete lower, or bottom, half and slip it in using tweezers. Now you ease the stamp into the upper, or top, half again using tweezers as you lower the mount back in place. Gard style mounts can be used with the seams on the left and right, in which case you would moisten the right hand half.

You may find the following video of How To Mount Stamps Using Showgard Stamp Mounts useful.
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