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Morley-Bright Ink Sachet Use and Testing

Morley-Bright Ink Sachet Use and Testing

The watermark detector works on the principle of the watermarked section of the stamp being fractionally thinner than the rest of the paper, the stamp needs to be completely free of any hinge remains or any other matter that stops the stamp from being completely flat.

Lay the stamp face down on the white platform, close the unit, holding it between your forefingers, which should be underneath the detector, and your thumbs on top, now apply squeeze the unit. This causes the ink in the sachet to disperse from the viewing area leaving a small amount sitting in the watermark. Moving your thumbs around whilst still applying pressure helps the fluid move into the watermark sections.

The clarity of the watermark detected can be affected by the depth of the watermark on the stamp, some stamps are much clearer than others, sometimes you may only be able to establish if the watermark is inverted or the crown is different.

If the sachet has been left standing for a while you may need to 'wake up' the fluid by gently moving your finger or thumb over the ink to spread it around the sachet, you should try to get as much of the ink to the centre of the sachet.

Without a stamp in the detector, close the unit and press together so the ink should evenly disperse across the white platform.

It is normal for there to be some bubbles in the sachet, these would normally disperse from the viewing area when pressing closed the inst-a-tector unit. Over time they will settle down. If the ink does not move freely around the sachet then the sachet needs to be replaced.

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