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Morley-Bright Ink Sachet Replacement

Morley-Bright Ink Sachet Replacement

When removing or replacing the ink sachet you must avoid creasing the sachet as this will greatly affect the performance.

To remove the ink sachet gently slid your finger nail underneath the sachet and lift it up a few millimetres, then gently pull the sachet out by sliding your finger underneath the sachet, now gently pull the sachet out of each end of the unit.

To replace a sachet you need to make sure that the shiny side of the sachet is on the top, ie: facing the glass section in the top part of the Inst-a-Tector, and that the matt side is facing the white platform.

Inserting the new ink sachet can be difficult and you should take care when sliding the sachet into the unit one side at a time, curling the sachet can help greatly in this process.

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