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Hawid Stamp Mount Guillotines

A guillotine is an essential accessory for any collector wishing to cut or trim stamp mount strips accurately to the required width. All guillotines have a very similar design.
♦ Stainless steel blades   ♦ Self sharpening blades   ♦ Attachable measuring scale

picture of hawid large stamp mount guillotine and packaging

Hawid Stamp Mount Guillotines

Hawid Guillotines come in two sizes, Large with a cutting width of 160mm and Small with a cutting width of 93mm. Made from hard plastic they are robust and stable guillotines which have an extension gauge with measuring scale and a slide bar to assist in cutting stamp mounts to the required size. The cutting blade will sharpen itself with every use.

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Hawid Guillotines

Ref Description Cost Order
HA605 Hawid Small Guillotine   -   cuts upto 93mm £ 27.95 add item to shopping cart
HA604 Hawid Large Guillotine   -   cuts upto 160mm £ 57.95 add item to shopping cart

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